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2 задание) 1. Out 2. Off 3. For 4. On 5. In задание 3) 1. Waste, предложения с остальными словами: We throw away rubbish every day. Some people don't respect the nature and throw litter on the ground 2. Extinct, предложения: This theme park has remained inactive for the last 20 years. I haven't seen him in a long time, one day he just disappeared. 3. Вообще и fumes and smoke может быть, но я бы лично выбрала первое, предложения: Can you see all that smoke coming out of the factory? There was so much fog in the morning 4. Waste, предложения: I always lose my appetite when people talk about nasty things at the dining table. I don't tend to miss good opportunities 5. Team, предложения: Usually, there are at least four crew members on the plane. The staff in this supermarket is very professional and provides great customer service.

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