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Complete with the correct possessive pronouns.1.This blue skirt inst yours! My skirt is blue.It's ... . 2.May:Which jumper is Peters?Joe:The red jumper is ... . 3.May:Which gloves are ... ? Joe:The red gloves are mine.4.May:Which skateboard is the children's? Joe:that one is ... over there.5.These aren't Fay's trousers.Those blue trousers are ... .

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1. This blue skirt isn't yours! My skirt is blue. It's mine.
2. May: Which jumper is Peters? Joe: The red jumper is his.
3. May: Which gloves are yours? Joe: The red gloves are
4. May: Which skateboard is the children's? Joe: That one is theirs over
5. These aren't Fay's trousers. Those blue trousers are hers.

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