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Cоставьте краткий пересказ текста: My twin sister1s name is Kirsten. Being a twin is great most of the time however it can also be a nightmare. Kirsten is very calm and she`s a good listener. She`s the one I turn to whenever I`ve got a problem. When I`m feeling down she always helps me cheer up. Apart from being my sister she`s also my best friend. like all best friends we fight sometimes. Kirsten can be really stubborn. However the most annoying thing about her is that she`s a bit bossy. She often treats me like a ten-year-old! I can`t stand it. Kirsten and I are active. We`re both interested in the same sports so we spend a lot of time together. Kirsten`s fovourite pastime is clothes shopping but i`m not too keen on that so we don`t usually go together. When I need to buy something she helps out of course. She`s got a great sense of fashion. I like Kirsten. She isn`t the easiest person to get along with but we manage.

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My twin sisters name is Kirsten.Kirsten is very calm and she good listener.Apart from benig my sister shes also my best friend.However the most annoyning thing about her is that shes a bit bossy.Kirsten and i active.Kirstens fovorite pastime is clothers shopping.I like Kirsten.She isnt the easiest person to get along with but we manage.

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