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Помогите с английским Match the words and complete the sentences with the word combination. 1)computer a) behaviour 2)current b) data  3)advertise c) humiliated 4)shameless d) new plays 5)save e) network 6)important f) keyboard 7)multicultural g) media  8)global h) society 9)feel i) dead 10) shoot j) service 11)security k) time 12)mass l) events 1)we leve in a .... which includes people of different nationalities 2) all this time he has been telling me lies and he isn`t even sorry about his ... 3) online shopping can help you to ... you may find it very useful 4)i found this ... on one of the internet sites 5)... is a government organization whose work is very important for the country 6)the ... helps people to communicate with each other 7) i don't want to ... animals ..., I`ve never liked the idea 8) radio, television and newspapers are traditionally included into ... 9)more and more people learn about the ... from the Internet preferring it to tv or newspaper 10) they don't often...on television 11) i`m surprised steve doesn't ... after he lost his job 12) there are only latin letters on this ...

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7)multicultural g) media

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