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Ребят,срочно надо.нужно написать письмо в ответ на другое письмо.вот оно: "...my friend and i hate just returned from a rock concert. we really had fun! it has been a wonderful day! ...when did you last visit a concert? who performed in the concert? what did you like or dislike about the concert?" объем 100-120 слов и ответить на все его вопросы. Заранее спасибо)

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Last summer i was i Moscow.There live my best friend (имя подруги).She(He) offered me to go to the concert,were performed our favorite singer (любого певца напиши).It was amazing!Especially,I'd like a picturesque scene and very loud music! Unfortunately,concert lasted very early.When i returned (твой город),i told my mother all about my journey in Moscow and about this remarkable concert,and during all my story,she smiled.
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