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Написать в презент симпл или континиус. Написать ответ1 (do)_ you _ this exercise with a friend?2 (write)_you _with a pen or a pencil now?3 What (think)_you_about your class?4 What (like)_you_about your school?5 When (feel)_you_happy?6 What (wear)_you_at the moment?7 (remember)_you_your first English lesson?8 (understand)_you_all the guestions in this exercise?9 (need)_you_a dictionary?

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1. Are you doing this....?
2.Are you writing with....?
3.What do you think about...?
4. What do you like about...?
5. When do you feel happy?
6. What are you wearing at the moment?
7. Do you remember your first....?
8. Do you understand all the questions...?
9. Do you need a dictionary?
Где троеточие,там как и в оригинале,по порядку.

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