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Плиз напишите текст на англиском языке на тему " волантерство в европе"

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For me volunteering? Somehow it's difficult to answer this question... What pushes modern girls and boys to help others by providing any possible help?.. Because they do it unselfishly, just because someone will smile back or say a quiet "thank you." And that's pretty unusual in our hard, pragmatic time, when sensitivity, generosity is not "listed", because everything is measured in monetary terms. And you can often hear: "Volunteer? And how much you pay?". And knowing that a volunteer is a volunteer, doing some work for free and on their own initiative to help others, make round eyes. "For free?! So what are you? Crazy or what?! And why is it you need? It is possible to find a decent job...".
ответ не совсем верный но это все что я мог составить

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