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Rewrite the sentences in the Passive Voice. 1. Someone is helping her with the housework. 2. The secretary was giving Mrs Jones some letters. 3. The traffic warden is now giving him a ticket for illegal parking. 4. We were teaching our students English and French. 5. They are showing the tourists the sights of Athens. 6. They haven’t delivered the food yet. 7. Has anybody put the cases upstairs? 8. Had they offered him a better job? 9. They will have changed the date of the meeting. 10. They have offered Sarah a very good job.

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1. She is being helped with the housework.
2. Some letters were being given to Mrs Jones by the secretary.
3. Now he is being given by the
traffic warden a ticket for illegal parking.
4. Our students were being taught by us English and French.
5. The
tourists are being shown the sights of Athens.
6. The food haven’t been delivered yet.

7. Have the cases been put upstairs?
8. Had he been offered a better
9. The date of the meeting will have been changed.
10. Sarah has been
offered a very good job.

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