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Open the brackets anb put the verbs in present simple or present continuous. It (snow) _____ in winter. I (not watch) _____ TV every day. Listen! The birds (sing) ___ in the garden. How often (you/go) ____ to the cinema? What (you/do) _____ now? Jane (read) _____ a book at the moment. Dad (not/watch) ____ TV now. What (she/do) ____ on Fridays? They often (come) _____ to our parties. It (not/snow) _____ in summer. (You/watch) ____ TV every day? (He/sleep) ____ at the moment? Помогите плиз!

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dont watch
are singing
do you go
are you doing
is reading
is watching
does she do
doesnt snow
do you watch
is he asleep at the moment?

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