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Describe the colours of the things in your room. example:there is a table in the living room.it's brown

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Ну тут зависит все от Вашей комнаты, опишу, например, мою комнату
There is a sofa in my room. It's red
There are pillows(подушки) on the sofa. They are white
There is a chair near my table. It's blue
There is a table in my room. It's brown.
There is a small cupboard in my room. It's whire and brown.
И так далее. Общая конструкция такова: There (is/are, is при ед. числе, are при множественном) a(при ед. числе) in my room.(т.е тут простая конструкция There is/There are) It's(или They are при множественном числе) цвет. 

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