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Выберите правильный ответ. Если в предложении артикль не нужен, в окне ввода введите символ "тире". 1. Have you got (a/any) bread at home? 2. There is (-/a) running water at home. 3. I have put too (much/many) sugar in my coffee. 4. Have you got a packet of (a/-) sugar at home? 5. She ususally wears (a/much) jewllery at parties. 6. Where (is/are) the money? 7. Students (is/are) at college now. 8. There is a drop (of/-) blood on my T-shirt. 9. It is (a/-) difficult problem to solve. 10. Honesty (is/are) the best policy. 11. Do you eat (a/-) meat? 12. Sugar (is/are) not healthy. 13. No news (is/are) good news.

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2-.3many.4-.6are.7 are.8of.
. ................,.....................

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