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Составить 10 предложений во времени present continius

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It is not raining. – Сейчас дождь не идёт. 
We are not working. – Мы не работаем. 
She is not playing tennis with her friends, she is having lunch. – Она не играет в теннис с подругой, она обедает. 
We are not meeting our relatives at the airport. – Мы не встречаем своих родственников в аэропорту.
am watching TV. – Я смотрю телевизор. 
He is writing a letter now. – Он сейчас пишет письмо. 
They are cooking breakfast. – Они готовят завтрак. 
It is raining. – Идёт дождь. 
The girls are talking and laughing. – Девочки разговаривают и смеются.

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I'm reading a really good book at the moment.
The population of the world is increasing very fast.
The situation is already bad and it is getting worse.
Look, that man is trying to open the door of your car. Nicky is thinking of giving up her job.
You're working hard today.
The company I work for isn't doing so well this year.
Is your English getting better?
At first I didn't like my job, but I'm beginning to enjoy it now.
She is working now.

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