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Вставте глаголы если они не в правельном времени то напишите ну вы поняли I had a very interesting week. Monday was my hardest school day. I had maths, Handicraft, Nature Study,English,Music and Swimming. I like to study, but it is not easy to have so many subjects in the timetable. I came home late after classes, had dinner, did my homework at my desk. Then i thought it was great to have a birthday party. As we do not have classes on Saturday and Sunday, I planned it for Saturday. I made some invitation cards for my friends and plastic bag with my cards into the bookcase as I wanted to take them to the post office later. On Thursday I had some difficult Maths exercise to do. Friday was my cleaning day. I did my room and cleaned the floors. My room looked nice. On Saturday evening, at 5 o'clock, I was ready to open the doors, but nobody came. "Why don't you call your friends?" my mother asked. I did. Nobody knew anything about my party. I could hardly delieve my ears. So, I asked them to come at 7. "e shall have a party then. Better late than never," I said. I couldn't under stand it. Then I hadan idea. I opened the bookcase. And what did I see there? Oh no! There was a plastic bag with the invitation cards ib it. My mother laughed, "When you are eleven, you should remember such things." That as my "famous" party!

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