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1. How can I help you? a) I want to buy a souvenir. b) That’s a good idea. 2. What is the date today? a) It’s Monday. b) It’s 6th of October. 3. What do you think of this sitcom? a) I don’t like them. b) It’s boring. 4. How about Saturday evening? a) I’m Ok. b) I’m afraid I can’t. 5. Can I have the menu? a) Here you are. b) No, I’m on a diet. 6. Can I have your name, please? a) Thank you, Mr Brown. b) Yes, it’s Mr Brown.

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C) bakery
b) some
c) doesn't
c) never
b) make
a) are doing
c) at
b) can't
a) cooker
b) next to
b) excuse
a) has
c) nationality
b) sixth
a) by
b) brush
b) exchange
a) display
b) about
c) go
c) board
b) ago
a) on
c) park
a) smaller
a) seventy
b) are watching
b) mustn't
b) her
a) doesn't

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