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Помогите пожалуйста с этими заданиями: Exercise 69. Change the tense according to the adverbs given in the brackets. 1. We have several lectures today (yesterday, tomorrow). 2. Our surgeons perform numerous operations every day (yesterday, next week). 3. Medical students take several exams at the end of each semester (last semester, next semester). 4. This semester we learn how to diagnose diseases and prescribe medicine (last semester, next semester).  Exercise 70. Make up questions starting with the words given in the brackets. 1. We attend lectures in Biology and Chemistry on Monday. (What …..) 2. The autumn semester lasts till the end of December. (How long …) 3. I’ll go to my hometown in January. (When…)

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1. we will have several.... вместо today (tsemester we had several...вместо today (yesterday)
2.our surgeons performed .... вместо every day (yesterday)/ our surgeons will perform. ... вместо every day(next week)
3. medical students took....... вместо each (last semester)/ medical students will take.... вместо each (next semester)
4. Lat semester we learnt..... / Next semester we will learn.....

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