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Complete the verb form. 1. I ___ asked at the lesson yesterday. a) has been; b) is being; c) was; d) is 2. There used to be a Cathedral in that square ... . I didn't know it ___ ruined. a) has been; b) was; c) will be; d) had been 3. You know mushrooms are ___ in autumn. a) being gathered; b) gathered; c) been gathered; d) gathering 4. I'm sorry, you'll have to wait. The hall is ___ now. a) being aired; b) been aired; c) airing; d) aired 5. It's Monday. The translation ___ finished by the end of the next week. a) was; b) will be; c) has been; d) will have been 6. The letter ___ typed and mailed. They'll receive it in two days. a) was; b) is being; c) has been; d) being 7.I am not wearing my watch today. It is ___. a) repaired; b) repairing; c) been repaired; d) being repaired 8. In summer the horses are ___ to the fields. a) driven; b) being driven; c) been driven; d) driving

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