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Memo to aliens: how to deal with Russian • Before you go to work in Russia, try to master at least a basic knowledge of the Russian language. In such an unusual country it is impossible to live and work, not communicating with the local population. • If you really want to build a business in Russia and to understand the life of its inhabitants inside, try to organize your life to abandon the "tourist way of life": to live in a hotel, eat in a restaurant, communicate only with their compatriots, etc. With this lifestyle you will always remain for local people "stranger" who invaded their borders. • In the restaurant, bar or café, try not to ostentatiously counted the change from the waiter, or to carefully check the correctness of the filed accounts. At least do it not openly, but as unobtrusively as possible. Remember that such "pettiness" repels Russian, seems to them a violation of human dignity. • Russians have a lot of practice in the drinking of alcoholic beverages. In this sense, they are "stronger" any Western man. If they are in good shape, able to withstand quite large doses of alcohol and the most incredible mixture. However, they typically do not lose their ability to stay on his feet. Don't try to compete with them in this. Require, according to the "rules of etiquette", the smallest (perfect for vodka) drink, insist on it. Then you will be able to drink with them almost on a par, i.e. in the same rhythm, not refusing to maintain the traditional order of toasting, not fixing myself of the disturbed attention. •In conversation with Russian, you can include anything of personal records, achievements and talents of children, professional worries. Of particular interest are problems of policy and philosophy. •Do not discuss money problems, the topic of a career, brag about your accomplishments for self-assertion or self-promotion - is desirable to produce the impression of an indiscreet man. •A breach of etiquette in Russian are questions about age and even the mention of this. •Russian would be a nice compliment if it is connected with achievements of Russia in space or success of economic development in literature and art. Whenever possible, show your interest and you will be guaranteed their respect. •Russian patriots, they are sensitive to talk about the war, because I believe that Russia waged only a defensive war, defending himself from the actions of aggressive neighbors to the East and West. Especially sensitive for them, the mention of the Second world war. Almost every family lives a mournful memory of the dead relative or loved one. This tragic reality is not quite consistent with modern Western ideas about it. Even more traumatic for the Russian any mention of Chechnya. Try to be delicate in these matters, and even better - avoid them.  •Sensory perception of Russian life is reflected in the fact that they need close human contact, emotionally dependent on the environment. • The hardest thing for them - the daily routine, pettiness, repetitiveness, monotony. What "normal" feels European peace and stability, the Russian can lead to depression. Do not criticize quality. • Russian hardly perceive formal polite smiles at official meetings. They appreciate the ability to smile from the Americans or the Japanese, I admire the courtesy of the French, but do not wish to follow their example. •Remember this pattern: the closer the relationship you have with the person, the higher the degree of credibility, the less "Chinese ceremonies" will be between you. Let Russian sociability, openness and sincerity will not be considered by you as a lack of good manners. •Russian psychological setting for the publicity, the respect of the public opinion makes of their behaviour in public places specific: to the ladies they courteous, but in doubtful situations - active. For them is a "matter of honour" to intervene and "fix" the situation.

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