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ПОМоГИТЕ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА!!! Lots of companies do business online. They sell goods and services, or provide _________INFORM_________ to the general public. Doing business online is less _________EXPENSE_________ and more convenient than running a traditional business, with offices and lots of employees. Surprisingly enough, there are lots of very young people among online businessmen. In spite of their age, they are quite _________SUCCESS_________ and professional. For example, Ben Collins started his own online company when he was _________REAL_________ young. He was only 17. He says, “My business is ________NATIONAL__________ - we work with people from different countries. In a real office, some people would _________AGREE_________ that someone of my age could be a boss, but when I work online, nobody cares how old I am.”  Susan’s father often had to go to different countries on business. That evening, he came home __________________ than usual. LATE He looked tired. Susan __________________ that the next week her father was going to China to discuss a new project. KNOW At dinner, her father asked Susan if she __________________ to go with him. It was a bit unexpected but Susan liked the idea at once. WANT It was her __________________ birthday in a few days. SIXTEEN And Susan thought it __________________ fun to celebrate it abroad. BE However, there was one thing she wanted to clear up before the trip: “Are you going to be busy from morning till night? I __________________ to sit in the hotel all the time alone.” NOT/WANT “You won’t have to,” her father reassured Susan. “I __________________ all the project papers already. So, while our partners are studying them, we’ll have plenty of time for sightseeing.” PREPARE “Great!” Susan ran up to her room to pack. “Remember to take some comfortable shoes. Otherwise your __________________ will hurt after the long excursions.” Her father’s advice was always practical. FOOT In half an hour everything __________________ in a suitcase and Susan called her best friend to tell her the news. PACK

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12.don't want
13.have prepared
15.was packed

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