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Рortfolio prepare a two minute talk about improving eating habits using a rainbow diet . In your speech: •say why we shoild have healtly eating habits  •mention ways a rainbow diet can help us •recommend the diet RECORD YOURSELF Пожалуйста не берите ответ из книги для учителя (учитель сразу замечает)

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Healthy eating diet.
Developing healthy eating habits will help you reach your goals, while ensuring you feel energised and able to enjoy life.
Many people who struggle with their health or weight say they've tried every diet or food plan under the sun, without any long-term success.
The changes they make end up being short term and their old eating habits soon return, leaving them disheartened and demoralised.
The reality is that there's no need to cut whole food groups or deny yourself the pleasure of eating.
Here are a few eating habits.
1.Eat healthy unprocessed food .
2. Eat healthy portion sizes .
3. Change to healthy cooking method .
4. Plan your healthy shopping.
5.A food diary will help your healthy eating habits. As for me, when I get up in the morning the only thing I can face is a glass of some juice or mineral water it raises my spirits a bit. Then, several minutes later I have my typical breakfast. A cup of tea with some sandwiches or scrambled eggs with milk.
When i have some breaks at school we have lunch in our school's canteen, I have a bit of choice there.
The main and the most abundant meal of the day is diner. A full typical dinner comprises soup, a main course and a dessert. My favourite soups are: red beet and mushroom soups. For the main course I typically have some meat or fish, potatoes and vegetables. 

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