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Fill in the gaps with prepositions if required. 1) Piccadilly Circus derives its name from “pickadille”, a type of neckwear popular … the eighteenth century. 2) They returned late … night. 3) … weekends  there’s a lot of traffic on the roads. 4) The travelers set out … sunrise. 5) His  name became famous … the early '50s. 6) They came … the appointed day.  7) They came … the appointed hour. 8) I saw her … New Year’s Day. 9) I saw  her … the New Year. 10) I saw her …New Year’s Eve. 11) I saw her …  Christmas. 12) This is what happened … Ann’s birthday. 13) This is what happened … the night of the tenth of July. 14) This happened … prehistoric times. 15) This happened … Shakespeare’s times. 16) … this time tomorrow you’ll be  taking your exam. 17) … a clear day you can see the top of the mountain.  18) I saw it … a bright summer morning. 19) He was busy … the daytime.

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In, at, at, at, in, on, at, on, after?, on, at, on, on, in, in, at, on, on, in.

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