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6 вопросов к тексту на английском!!!!Очень надо!!!Прошууууууууууу!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!6 вопросов к тексту на английском!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!прошуууу!!!!!!!!!!!!очень надо!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The purpose of this report is to assess the new Monty's fast food restaurant in Chester,which I visited on 28 June. There is a varied menu at Monty's includes a fantastic salad bar,a wide choise of vegetarian dishes and five types of delicious hamburgers. I tried the Mexican Sezzler-a spicy hamburger with chilli sauce in a soft,white bread roll.It was very tasty. However,it was rather cold. I also thought that Monty's was a bit too expensive. The Monty's staff were helpful,friendly and polite during me visit. They looked very smart in their clean uniforms. Unfortunately,the service was rather slow and one of the cashiers gave me the wrong change. The friendly staff,good music,clean tables,and comfortable seating all helped to give Monty's an exellent atmosphere. The new no-smoking policy is a good idea, and it made my meal at Monty's a very pleasurable experience. The new Monty's restaurant in Chester is,on the whole,a great success. However,I think that the manager should make a few improvements. Firstly,he should make sure that all hot dishes are hot when they go out to customers. Secondly,he should lower the prices,as they are too high for a fast-food restaurant. Finally,he should improve staff training so that the staff work faster and make fewer mistakes.

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1.When did you visit Monty's fast food restaraunt?
2.What did you try?
3.What staff was in Monty's fast food restaraunt?
4. What music was in the restaraunt?
5.What atmosphere was in fast food restaraunt?
6.What mistakes did he make?

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