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Друг написал тебе письмо и ты пишешь ему письмо-ответ. Тема письма : это как решить проблемы (3 проблемы) которые возникли в семье друга. Написать что нужно делать в дальнейшем чтобы избегать эти проблемы. Описать качества которые должны преобладать у каждого члена семьи. (100-120 слов)

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Hi John,
I hope you are doing fine.  I was glad to get your letter.  That is too bad that you have so many problems at the moment.  You write that your brother is a teenager and he does not want to go to school and to learn well.  It is almost natural.  You must probably be more patient with him.  Good relations are important at this time so try not to be enemies with him.  If he has problems at school you might help him with his homework.  I think it would be a good idea to see some films about similar problems together.  Sometimes seeing your life and the same problems with other people's eyes may improve the situation.  So you brother may change his attitude to his studies and may become more serious and hard-working. And of course he will need more will-power to succeed. 

I am also very sorry that your grandmother is very ill.  Old people usually have problems with health.  I think you should ask other relatives to help you in this case.  After all, some of them could also take care of her from time to time. They should be more responsive and tolerant.  Also to avoid complications I would send for a very good doctor.  He could prescribe some effective medication for her.  Anyway, I hope you will be strong enough to stand it.

It was a big suprise for me that you failed in your last exam.  I always knew that Chemistry was your favourite subject.  But you have had so many problems recently.  In addition to this I always knew you as a  a hard-working and diligent student.  But this failure is not a big problem because you can re-take this exam again soon.  You will prepare better and will definitely do well in it.  You just need to be more organized, calm and self-confident.  The members of your family can also help you by taking over some household chores while  you prepare for the re-examination. It is very important that they stand by you at this hard time.  If they are helpful and understanding, you will feel more confident.
All in all, I hope things will improve soon.  Hope to hear from you.
Best wishes,

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