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Дополните диалоги глаголами в необходимой форме (Present Perfect или Past Simple). I … (see) Tom last night. – Oh, really. I … (not meet) him for ages. We … (never hear) this song before. Is it famous in your country? - Yes, it is. It … (be) quite popular here for many years. What … (do) last Sunday? – I … (spend) it at home. – Oh, that’s great! I … (not spend) my weekends at home since last year. … (you ever win) a cooking contest? – Yes, I … (win) in 2008. When … (you meet) Alice for the first time? – We … (meet) each other in 1997. – So how long … (you be) best friends? – We … (be) friends for more than 15 years. )Английский язык)

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1.saw. 2.have not seen. 3.have never heard. 4.has been popular.5.did yoy do. 6.spent. 7.haven't spent. 8.have you ever won. 9.won. 10.did you meet. 11.met. 12. How long have you been.13.have been

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