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Помогите составить вопросы к предложениям и кратко на них ответить. 1.Willy saw his classmate walking in the town yesterday. 2.Yesterday John went to school at 8 o`clock. 3.Tina`s mother came home at 6 o`clock yesterday. 4.Ann learnt new English words at 6 o`clock. 5.Stacy worked in the garden yesterday.

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1. Did willy see his classmates walking in the town yesterday. -no, he didn't.
2. Did John go to school at 8 o'clock yesterday-yes, he did
3. Did Tina's mother come home at 6 o'clock yesterday-yes, she did
4. Did Ann learn English words at 6 o'clock-yes, she did
5. Did Stacy work in the garden yesterday-yes, she did

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