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Помогите пожалуйсто английстий устную часть составить буду очень благодарна . спасибо заранее

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Most information can be obtained from the Internet.  Some information can also be found in the newspapers and magazines for teenagers.

We should mention that young people now mostly prefer to read fantasy books, horror stories and love stories about teenagers.  Some most famous books from each example should be mentioned too,

In order to make a poster we must find a good artist.  Also general idea of how the poster will look should be discussed in advance.  Some nice photos of reading teenagers can look nice on the poster.  The covers of the books should be drawn in bright colours.

The presentation should be made in simple words.  Yet to make it nicer, we should use beautiful slides.  Some examples can be written on the board though. Some students can be invited to speak about their favourite books and their authors.

The presentation can be make by someone who is keen on books and likes to speak in public.  Students who enjoy sharing their opinions can also take part.

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