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8. A laptop is very useful ____ I prefer using a big family computer.
a) and
b) also
c) but
d) whereas
9. We are pleased that we have at last dealt ____ with the problem.
a) success
b) successful
c) successfully
d) successing
10. That suitcase looks very heavy. I ____ if you like.
a) carry
b) I‘ll carry
c) carried
d) would carry
Read the text and complete the sentences choosing the correct variant.
Our journey to Greece began at six in the morning, when my family and I set off from the house in our old car. We’d only gone a mile when we got a ____ (11) tyre, and after we’d fixed that we had to hurry to the airport. We ____ (12) to reach the check-in just before it closed, then we went through to the departure lounge. Soon we were ____ (13) the plane, and looking forward to our week on an island in the sun. I had a window seat, but since I was directly above the ____ (14) I couldn’t see much, so I asked the flight ____ (15) if I could move to another seat. She found me one nearer the front of the plane, and later on I had a wonderful ____ (16) of the snow-covered mountains as we crossed over the Austrian Alps. The weather became sunnier as we approached Greece, and our plane arrived right on ____ (17) at Athens’ very smart new airport. Half an hour after we landed, we ____ (18) the train for the centre of Athens, where we ____ (19) trains for the port of Piraeus. It wasn’t long before we were on the waterfront. After a short wait we were on board our ferry and sailing out to sea. It was a lovely trip, and finally we reached our destination, the holiday was a ____ (20) come true.
11. a) flat b) level c )dead d) broken
12. a) could b)managed c) able d) succeeded
13. a) riding b) flying с) stepping d) boarding
14. a) wing b) mast c) platform d) sail
15. a) officer b) helper c) assistant d) attendant
16. a) scene b) view c) sight d) scenery
17. a) moment b) hour c)time d) minute
18. a) go into b) got onto c) got up d) got over
19. a) changed b) moved c) replaced d) exchanged
20. a) plan b) hope c) thought d) dream

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8 с (but  потому что он вроде и считает ноуты удобными, но пользуется стационарным компом)
9 с (successfully - как? удачно. мы удачно справились с задачей)
10 b (i'll carry, if you like  Я понесу, если захочешь (позволишь)
11 а (flat tire спущенная шина)
12 b (managed  нам удалось достичь)
13 d (boarding  проводить посадку)
14 а (wing - крыло, она над ним сидела и ничего не видела)
15 c ( хотя больше подошло бы стюардесса)
16b (ей открылся чудесный вид)
17 с (вовремя)
18 b (произвели посадку в поезд)
19 а (пересели в другой поезд)
20 d (мечта сбылась)

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