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Расскажите о Москве.
Тут есть отрывки, нужно составить с ними предложения, у меня никак не получается, помогите!
4. The city of Russian culture
• a lot of universities and schools
• a good collection or pictures
• theatres and opera houses
• places children can visit with their parents

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Moscow the capital of Russian FederationMoscow is a big city, capital of Russia. It is the biggest city of Europe, more than twelve million people live there. Also Moscow is the sevenths world’s biggest city. The capital of Russia is important cultural, political, religious, economic, transportation and financial center. These reasons make Moscow a global city which is important in the infrastructure of the region.The city was founded by Prince Yuri Dolgoruki in 1147.There is an ancient walled city in the middle of the contemporary Moscow. It is named Kremlin. Important government buildings, churches and museums are situated there. But not only are the Kremlin buildings places of interest of Moscow. Many other Moscow buildings are beautiful and famous, among the most known are, for example, Spasskaya Tower and St. Basil’s Cathedral. There are also modern buildings in Moscow. There are many art galleries with large collections so it could take you a few years to see them all.The capital of Russian Federation has a lot of educational and scientific buildings, some big sports complexes many of which were built for1980 Summer Olympics.Moscow is a city with complex transport system. There are four international airports, nine railroad stations and one of the busiest metro systems in the world which is famous not only for this but also for its artwork.The capital of Russia stands on Moskva River in the European part of Russian Federation. Over the time the city has earned different names, most of which were referring to the status of the nation, for example, The Third Rome, The First Throne, The Whitestone.The one who lives in the capital if Russia is called in English Muscovite and in Russian Moskvich.

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