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Напишите сочинение на тему "телевизор в нашей жизни" на английском Приблизительно 15-20 предложений

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Television is a very important thing in our lives. We can say that watching television because TV helps us learn more about the world of the other districts, the events that have taken place in the world. TV will even help you learn more about yourself.
I like to watch TV very much. I can do this all day, so sometimes my mother makes me turn off the TV. I have about 12 Russian channels, they are: NTV, MTV, ORT, RTR, and others. I also have a few other interesting channels such as: Cosmos TV, Cartoon Network, Discovery Channel, TVE and the BBC.
Some channels I like, and some are not. So, here are a few words on the channels that I like.
So, my favorite channel MTV. MTV is a music channel. 24 hours a day of music, can you believe it? I love to listen to music a lot, and sometimes I even compose music for themselves, so I like to watch MTV.
I also watch NTV. This channel has a very interesting films. This channel has a lot of sports, I like, especially football on NTV. Typically, this channel goes futbolnoyh two matches a week (one Champions League and one match of the championship of Russia).
I also like a few foreign channels, especially Eurosport. Channel Cartoon Network is also good, but I think he is more suitable for younger children, but not for me.
That all about me? I still want to tell you about their favorite channels my parents.

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