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Aztecs . By the beginning of the XVI century. When in America, as mentioned above , the Europeans invaded , the main in Central Mexico were the Aztecs ( letters. " Aztlán people "). They last came from the north of the valley of Anahuac ( Central Mexico ) . More than two centuries the future rulers of Mexico went from place to place , from the service of one governor - to the other , trying to gain a foothold in these parts. Finally, in 1325 , they settled in the barren islets in Lake Texcoco , where he established his capital - Tenochtitlan .

Originally warlike Aztecs were less cultured than the neighboring nations . But wandering through the central regions of Mexico, they learned a lot from the locals. They began to make " floating gardens " and put them on the tomatoes, peppers , flowers and other crops. The Aztecs have experienced a shortage of drinking water. They first brought it to the boat , and then built the aqueduct . Later still beautiful , wide roads , dams Tenochtilan connected with other cities and towns located on a huge lake. The city erected pyramids and temples , palaces and public buildings, new streets and canals.

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