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Помогите пожалуйста,
Мне нужно составить рассказ не очень большой,на тему научное открытие,мое отношение к нему..либо это открытие планет,или например по телевизову я смотрела о раскопках человеческих костей.....помогите пожалуйста...нужно до завтра выучить....и я не очень сильна в грамматике.....правильно поставленной формы глагола....в общем ....кто сможет пожалуйста помогите ....( рассказ на английском языке)

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"Today, before dawn I ascended to the top of the mountain and saw the sky teeming with stars , said my soul :
    - When we master all of these latitudes of the universe , and all their delight , and all their knowledge , whether with us pretty ? .. And my soul replied : - No, this is not enough for us - we will go by and more ... "
Walt Whitman

It is remarkable poet these lines reflect a flight of fancy of our students in their writings on the theme " Scientific discovery , I dream about ." They were asked to fantasize on this subject on the lessons of physics and Russian language. Do not be surprised , it is the lessons of physics can be creative , " let go " himself , " turn on" the imagination and plunge into the world of the future , the worlds of other planets and even galaxies , which are full of fascinating mysteries and adventures.
Very difficult to determine the winners , because work was competitive. Therefore, the jury , composed of teachers of Russian Svetlana Pitetskoy Borisovny and Vysotina Elizabeth Nikolaevna and teacher of physics and astronomy Barkar Angela Petrovna , came to the conclusion that it is necessary to reward all those who took part in the competition . Nevertheless, we decided to announce the winners in several categories , which were formed in the course of the competition and were based on themes suggested by the authors .

Grand prix
Absolute leaders in this competition is a student of class 10A Tananaeva Anastasia as the most patriotic PR manager of the Russian science and Antonov Ilgizar , a student of class 10A , for the best scientific and technical invention and its rationale. Read the works on the site and stand in the foyer of the school.

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