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The prominent politician Winston Churchill was born' in 1874.

He is the son of Lord Randolph Churchill and grandson of the seventh Duke of Marl-borough. He was educated at Harrow and Sandhurst and entered the Army in 1895.
In 1900, he entered Parliament and soon became a prominent figure.

He left the Conservative Party and joined the Liberals* ranks because of his opposition to the Prime Minister's policy. He held different responsible posts.

At the outbreak of war he was First Lord of the Admiralty and was responsible for the speedy mobilization of the Fleet. He later held office as Minister of Munitions and Minister for War.

Soon after the outbreak of the Second World War he became Prime Minister and his heartening leadership and speeches inspired the nation to greater efforts in the darkest days of the war.

Churchill had great literary gifts and he wrote many books, including a life of his father and histories of the First and Second World Wars.

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