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Choose the right answer.
1.they had scramnled egg/eggs for breakfast.
2.the family with two children live/lives next door.
3.the government has announced/have announced to raise the mimimum wage next year.
4.our class have decided/has decided to visit Moscow during the holidays.
5.the story was in all paper/papers.
6.Car windows are made of bullet-proof glass/glasses.
7.Children threw stone/stones on him.
8.Small quantities of iron/irons exist in some foods and in your body.
9.you can choose from a selection of meat/meats.
10.He doesn't have hot and cold running water/waters.
11.Gold and silver are precious metal/metals.
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1. eggs
2.lives (если подразумевается все семья целиком, то можно live)
3.has announced

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