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Canada is situated in the northern part of the North American continent. It is washed by the Pacific Ocean in the west, by the Atlantic Ocean in the east and by the Arctic Ocean and its seas in the north. That is why the climate and the nature of Canada are much varied.
The northern parts lie in the subarctic and arctic climatic zones. Most of the northern islands are covered with ice. The bays between them are covered with ice for 9—10 months a year. This territory has a climate with very cold winters and short, cool summers. The average winter temperature is about 35 degrees below zero. The average summer temperature is about 4 degrees above zero.
It contrasts with the rest of the territory, where the climate is moderate. This part gets enough amount of rainfall and heat. In the south there are large areas of fertile soils. The west of the country has a mild and humid climate thanks to a warm Pacific current. The average winter temperature is about 4 degrees above zero there. The average summer temperature is 21 degrees above zero.
The region of the Cordilleras is famous for its beautiful forests. Canadian west is the most attractive part of the country. The snow-capped mountains and ocean bays create a surprisingly beautiful atmosphere. Besides, Canadian south is known for its changeable weather. Sometimes it is too humid, and sometimes it is too dry: the weather can change very quickly. The Niagara Falls situated in that part of the country attracts people from all over the world by its unusual beauty.
Canada has mountains high plains and low plains. The Rosky Mountains run parallel to the Pacific coast. East of these mountains are the high plains. The low plains lie in the region of the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River. There are also mountains which run parallel to Canada east coast, in Labrador and Baffin Island.
Canada is a country of lakes. Besides the Great Lakes – Lakes Superior, Huron, Erie and Ontario (the fifth Great Lake, Michigan, lies in the USA), there are many other vary large lakes, for example, Great Bear Lake, Great Slave Lake and Lake Winnipeg.
The North of the country near the Arctic is tundra with great forests in the South. The central plains form the prairies. The population of Canada is over 34,88 million people.(2012)
Canada is rich in metal ores, oil and gas, and the metal, machine-building, motor car and ship-building industries are highly developed. The hydro-electric industry is highly developed, its main centers are in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario. There is a large hydro-electric station at the Niagara Falls.

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