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Помогите пожалуйста составить маленькую сказку на английском языке(про кота и мышки)заранее спасибо!

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It is said that in ancient times, the cat and mouse were best friends. They happily lived on an island. There were a lot of birds that feed the cat and the mouse was fed with nuts and fruits chestnuts. Once the mouse the cat said:

- I'm tired of hanging around on the island. What do you think, if we do not move to the shore?

- And as we swim across the sea? - Asked the cat.

- It's easy, - said mysh.- make a boat out of wood.

She dragged a large piece of wood, set in motion their teeth and vygryzla recess in which they could fit with a cat. Then friends sat in the little boat and set sail.

In a way they suddenly felt hungry. But the food they had. Each sat curled up in a ball in his corner and tried to sleep. Finally a cat nap. A mouse continued to watch. To satisfy your hunger, she became gnaw bottom boat. Whenever the cat opens his eyes, pretending to be asleep mouse. So she gnawed the bottom up, as long as it does not make a hole. Water began to seep inside, and the boat began to sink slowly.

Soon friends were in the water. And as the cat did not like the water, she was angry at her friend and cried:

- I'll eat you!

- Be patient until get anywhere out of the water, it does not entice you into its depths. Still have time to eat me, - said the mouse.

When they got to the shore, the cat said:

- Now, it so I'll eat you.

- Wait, I obsohnu: you can not digest my meat while I'm so wet.

Then used the mouse oversight cat and disappeared into a small hole.

Tried in vain to climb a cat after her.

- I'll wait until you get out, liar! - She called a mouse.

- How long do you still have to wait - I never said ta.- not get out of here.

The cat sat at the entrance to the burrow, waiting, when there seems mouse, and the mouse at this time began to dig. She did a long underground course, came from the other end and was gone.

Since then, the cat forgot to sleep deep sleep. At night, she listens as scratching mouse, and its clock guards at the entrance. A mouse never gets out of the hole, if you notice a cat sitting in ambush.

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