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Red SquareКрасная площадьRed Square is a central city square in Moscow, the capital of Russia. It is always open to visitors and tourists love taking pictures there. Along with the Kremlin, which is a former royal fortress and current residence of the President, Red Square is on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List from 1990. In fact, Red Square separates the Kremlin from the historic merchant quarter called Kitai-gorod. Moscow major streets also originate from Red Square. The name of the square comes from the color of the bricks around it. Many famous Russian artists pictured the square in their works. Among them Vasily Surikov and Viktor Vasnetsov. Red Square has a rich history. It used to be Moscow’s main marketplace. It was also the place for important public ceremonies. Particularly, a coronation for Russian tsars took place at Red Square. Today the square is surrounded by many significant buildings, such as Lenin’s Mausoleum, glorious Saint Basil’s Cathedral, the palaces and towers of the Kremlin, GUM – the main department store of the Soviet Union, the restored Kazan Cathedral, the State Historical Museum and several other objects. The only monument on the square is a bronze statue of Kuzma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky. They once helped to clear Moscow from the Polish invaders. Every winter Red Square hosts a large and merry ice-rink, where residents and visitors of the capital can skate. The square also serves as a venue for high-profile concerts. Such celebrities as Paul McCartney, Shakira, Linkin Park, Scorpions have already performed there Если помог лайк:3

800 years ago the whole of Moscow was placed in the walls of the Kremlin, which were made of thick oak logs. In the XIV century around the Kremlin were built white stone walls. Moscow became known as the white stone. Kremlin in the form as we know it now, was built of red brick in the late XV - beginning of XVI century. Architecture emphasizes the beauty of the Kremlin wonderful area, which in the XVII century people called Red, that is beautiful. In Russian folk songs that word in this sense is very common, they say: "lovely maiden," "red sun", "Spring-red." In the old Red Square was a large shopping center. There were announced royal decrees and sometimes committed penalty. In 1671 there was executed leader of the popular uprising Stepan Razin. Red Square - a witness to many historical events in the life of our people. In October 1917, in Moscow on Red Square was the first fight. At dawn on November 16 revolutionary troops occupied the Kremlin, and that for many years has determined the fate of the Russian Bolsheviks in its consolidated their power. For many, the victory of the revolution turned ordeal. How many lives took a civil war in our country! And how many of the best people in Russia were forced to leave their homeland and were in exile ... Among them are writers, poets, composers, artists. Russia lived his life, and in the Red Square this life is in full swing. There were demonstrations and rallies; on the Mausoleum can be seen leaders in the days festivities. Did not escape the Red Square and the tragic events connected with the Great Patriotic War. Hence the fall of 1941 went to the front defenders of the capital. Defended Moscow, Soviet forces drove the Nazis from their native land. Lenin's mausoleum were thrown banners broken fascist divisions. Many saw this area. The whole life of the people: and the trials and joys of victories - all due to the Red Square.

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